Top Frankfurt Restaurants to Have Dinner with Your Escort Lady

Frankfurt is a highly urbanized city in Germany. It is actually the center of economic and commercial affairs in Europe. This makes the city very busy 24 hours a day. Even so, the locals and foreign visitors can still enjoy the natural side of the city. Aside from high-rise buildings, Frankfurt has vast gardens and numerous museums that are highly regard even in the international community. Add to these the many restaurants that offer unique and delicious menus. The best way to try them is to bring an escort lady with you.

Below are the top restaurants where you and your Cosmos Escorts Frankfurt can have intimate moments while enjoying the tasty food:


Many consider Ariston as among their top five restaurants in the city. They say that it offers great food that’s why the restaurant got an average rating of 4.5 stars with 5 as the highest. The cuisines offered are Mediterranean and Greek. Of the 328 reviews posted online, 212 of them Ariston an excellent rating. They particularly have high praises for the atmosphere and food. If you and your lady are interested in Greek food, then you must try the restaurant. You two can also talk about going to Greece or anything about the country that interests both of you.

In choosing your escort lady, you need to highly consider hiring one from established agencies in the city. This ensures that the lady you are dealing with is reviewed, which means that she is heathy and professional.

Trattoria i Siciliani

Of the 1,953 restaurants in Frankfurt, Trattoria I Siciliani is ranked as the second best restaurant. The cuisines offered are Italian, Mediterranean and Pizza. Some of the customers who have tried the restaurant expressed that they love the Italian food. Of the 723 customer reviews posted online, 473 gave the restaurant an excellent rating. They like everything about the place, which includes the atmosphere, food, value and service. Your escort lady would surely love the pizza and other dishes offered.

In the restaurant, you and your lady can talk about the things that make you both relaxed and comforted. In this way, you will surely forget about the demanding nature of your work. You can just have the time enjoying the food and conversation with your lady. This is a great way of pampering your body, mind and spirit. For a few days, you can try the top restaurants with the escort lady you hired.

Restaurant Medici

It is the number one restaurant in the city. Of the 450 customer reviews, 108 gave it a very good rating while 297 gave it an excellent rating. It offers Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. They gave Restaurant Medici a high rating for its service and food. They also love the atmosphere and value of the food. Many of the customers who have frequently visited the restaurant shared that it is a great place for meetings.

Aside from these three, you can also bring your escort lady to Atschel, Der Fette Bulle, Im Herzen Afrikas and Paulaner.